Winter Weekend Round-Up

A flurry of of our favorite reads & some announcements...

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The climate-news never stops, and the road to the Green New Deal has just begun, so, as we catch our breath and prepare for the long-haul, we’re giving you a rundown of our favorite readings and reports that dropped this past week, in an extended version of our Green New Reading List…

Starting with an important new report by our pals Dr. Leah Stokes, Data for Progress, & Evergreen Action, about how to get to 100% clean electricity by 2035—one of President Biden’s campaign climate-pledges…

You can read the full report here!

Or, check out a summary in this article in VOX by Dr. Stokes and Sam Ricketts…

Because there’s a lot to read this week, we’re going to split the list into categories…

Environmental Justice…

With Democrats in Power, an Emboldened Environmental Movement Confronts Them, by Evan Halper and Anna M. Phillips for The LA Times

Environmental Groups’ Greatest Obstacle May Not Be Republican Opposition, by Zak Colman for Politico

Two Biden Priorities, Climate & Inequality, Meet on Black-Owned Farms, by Hiroko Tabuchi & Nadja Popovich

Spanning Beats, Environmental Justice Reporting Influences Every Story, by Rachel Ramirez for Nieman Reports

How Environmentalism Can Center Racial Justice in 2021, by Heather Hansmen for Outside

Michigan Orders Marathon Refinery to pay fines, Improve Air Quality in Southwest Detroit, by Steve Neavling for The Detroit Metro Times

Government & Politics…

House Clears Way for Massive Coronavirus Stimulus Plan, by Sarah Ferris & Heather Caygle for Politico

AOC, Sanders, & Blumenauer Press Biden to Declare a 'Climate Emergency,' by Shannon Osaka for GRIST

The Biden Administration’s Landmark Day In the Fight For the Climate, by Bill Mckibben for The New Yorker

A New Day for The Climate, by Elizabeth Kolbert for The New Yorker

This Single Number Could Reshape Our Climate Future, by Maddie Stone for National Geographic

Climate Change Rises as an Issue in Mayoral Races, by Timothy Cama for E&E News

Biden Team in Talks with Utilities, Car Companies About Emissions, by Jeff Mason & Valerie Valcovici for Reuters

On Climate, Biden’s Administration Needs to Combat Zombie Trumpism Quickly, by Bill McKibben for The New Yorker

Money & Business…

A New Idea For Fighting Climate Change: Retirement Plans!, by Robinson Meyer for The Atlantic

PR Firms Need to Dump Big Oil. This Guy Wants to Help them Do it., By Brianna Baker for GRIST

Waiting to Address Climate Change Will Cost Trillions of Dollars, by Dharna Noor for EARTHER

Can Reddit do for Clean Energy What it Did for GameStop?, by Clayton Aldern


Got Climate Anxiety? These People are Doing Something About it, by Susan Shain for The New York Times

The Terrifying Warning Lurking in Earth’s Ancient Rocks, by Peter Brannen for The Atlantic

Sea Levels are Rising Faster than Most Pessimistic Forecasts, by Jonathan Tirone


Inevitable Planetary Doom Has Been Exaggerated, by Emma Marris for The Atlantic

What You’re Feeling Right Now…That’s Hope, by Eric Holthaus for The Phoenix

Mary Annaïse Heglar on Why Climate Action is Limitless, by Yessenia Funes for Atmos’ The Frontline